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How I Became a Creationist

Elaine Kennedy grew up believing in a recent Creation, then switched to evolution in high school. Now she has a Ph.D. in geology studying the science of creationism.

September 2005

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I Won't Be Robbed Twice
The men robbed you once. Why let them rob you again? Richard Maffeo knew exactly who was asking him this question, and what He meant by it. God was talking to him.
Frantic Family
Family psychologist John Rosemond, director of the Center for Affirmative Parenting in Gastonia, North Carolina, gives advice on how a young family can overcome what he calls "Frantic Family Syndrome."

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Why I Believe in the Christian God
Eight-year-old Noel Dum lay sick on his bed in Burma. His parents, t hinking he had been cursed by an evil spirit, feared he would die.
Six Ways to Recognize the Real Jesus When He Comes
Jesus said false christs will arise to deceive people in the end time. Doug Batchelor explains how you can recognize them and avoid being fooled.
Our Giant Eye in the Sky
The Hubble telescope has helped scientists make some amazing discoveries since its launch in 1990. The most amazing, says Robert Wearner, is about our Creator God.
What the Holy Spirit Can Do for You
The third Person of the Trinity isn't just a theological abstraction. Ed Dickerson explains the practical difference He can make in your life.
One More Piece of Pie
When does temptation turn into sin? Ron Reese reflects on that question with a touch of humor and a strong dose of realistic thinking.
A New Pair of Glasses
Preethi Burkholder's cross-cultural marriage provided her with some unique insights into what it means to be human.
Walk a Mile
Two rowdy boys on Judy Gulley's school bus ended up in the principal's office, where Judy observed a most unusual episode of confession and forgiveness.