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Miracles: The True and the False

Are miracles still being performed in our enlightened society? Clifford Goldstein says Yes, but be careful what you accept as genuine.

August 2009

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What Is God Like?
If someone were to ask you to explain what God is like, what would you tell them?
The Generosity Factor
Bruce Manners has discovered that big-hearted people are not intimidated into stinginess by economic hard times.
Marriage and Family
What makes marriage a marriage a good marriage? Rodney Woods found a unique way to answer this question.
Food Matters: Cinnamon: Culinary Spice or Medicine?


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Choosing a Finess Center
Online weight-loss coach Andrew Cate offers advice on how to sort through the contracts, classes, and confusion.
Not Abandoned
Rich Dixon, himself a quadriplegic, reflects on God's view of those who suffer from disfigurements of mind, body, or both.
Desire of Ages
Not everyone can write a book about Christ's life, says Arthur Patrick, but he tells the story of one woman who did.
How the World Will End
Futurists, scientists, and Hollywood assure us our world will be destroyed. The Bible agrees. But, says, Ed Dickerson, don't be afraid. That's actually good news!
Saving Energy in Ethiopia
Pierre Quinn tells how a simple piece of technology brings profound changes to many African families.
The Least of These
The rejects of society are precious to Jesus. The author tells about her friendship with one of these.
The Book That Saved a Nation
The loss of its language is an ongoing problem for any nation. Harold Harker looks at how a book did so much to preserve one nation's tongue.
First Things First
Neal Becker tells of an imaginary conversation between two dogs, which illustrates the source of true happiness.
Bible Discovery
Jesus on Marriage
Living With Children: The Agony Principle

Your Bible Questions
The Bible says that David repented of his adultery with Bathsheba. But did he really? . . . He enjoyed all the fruits of his sin.