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The Reality of Utopia

Does the word utopia mean a never-never land that doesn't exist, or is it a real place? The author examines the biblical evidence.

August 2008

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When Will We Become Immortal?
Are all human beings—the good and the bad—immortal now?
The Hope of Judgment
The author explores how the promise of God's judgment gives life meaning now.
Why Can't I Lose Weight?
A weight-loss coach looks at some of the common reasons why people find it hard to shed those excess pounds.
Food Matters
The Good Oil

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Brain Power
Nothing is more powerful in controlling our actions than our emotions. This article explores the part of the brain that's in charge of our feelings.
London Town
Exploring the life and times of some of London's great men.
Is Salvation by Obedience?
Some people feel that God can't accept them until they've overcome their sins. The author explains why that isn't true.
Broken Body, Innocent Blood
True purpose in life comes in finding someone worth following. The author shares the first-person story of one man who found his Leader.
Straw Homes
Building houses of straw is not just for fairytales, as ADRA is teaching many needy people in China.
Suit Up
God offers spiritual protection in the battle against an invisible enemy.
The Gardner
Faithfulness is what you do when no one is looking. The author illustrates this principle with a quaint little story.
Bible Discovery
Living with Children
When Siblings Fight
Your Bible Questions
What does the Bible say about Christian music? What is allowed and what is not?