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Armageddon: Is It About to Happen?

The war has been going on since time began. The editor asks the key question: Are you ready for the final battle—spiritually, that is?

August 2005

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How I Learned to Trust God with my Life
When faced with life's greatest challenge, Sherry James learned to lean on God in ways she would never have thought possible.
Jesus Doesn't Go to Church
You'll enjoy John Baxter's humorous account of the day he met Jesús at a hotel in Dallas, Texas— and introduced him to Jesus.

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Understanding God's Love
The Bible says that God is love. In his book See With New Eyes Ty Gibson provides a fresh look at what that really means.
The Hidden Dangers of Harry Potter
For the past several years kids have been devouring the blockbuster Harry Potter books. Steve Wohlberg shares a darker side of the phenomenon.
Good News
Fernando Canale Some people claim that God won't judge the world, but Fernando Canale points out the good news: Even Christians will be judged!
Planning Healthy Vacations
Are you tired of dragging home all worn out from even a short vacation? It doesn't have to be that way, says Signs managing editor Miguel Valdivia.
The Man of Revelation
Many people think Revelation is all about beasts and horns and crowns. Not at all, says Shawn Boonstra. Revelation is about a Person!