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How God Speaks to Us

Have you ever wished you could ask God a question? The author shares some thoughts on how to recognize God's voice.

July 2009

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The Secret of a Happy Marriage
Getting married is quick and easy. Staying married takes a lifetime of careful planning. Here are some practical suggestions.
Is Obedience a Condition of Salvation?
For 2,000 years, Christians have debated the role that obedience plays in our salvation. The author takes another look at the issues involved in this important question.
From Sunday to Sabbath
The author gives a straightforward explanation of why he worships on Saturday.
Living With Children: Curing the Naked Syndrome
I never cease to be amazed at how easy it is to solve potentially large behavior problems with just a little imagination.

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Living God's Way
The Bible gives some clear direction on how people who carry on the name of Christ—Christians—should live. The problem is that living up to these ideals is just as necessary as it is difficult.
Safety in the Summer Sun
We all enjoy summertime fun in the sun, but there are also serious health risks. The author points out commonsense ways to protect yourself.
Help Your Special-Needs Child
The author looks at ways that the parents of children with disabilities can help them to deal with life.
When Jesus Reviews Your Life
God's courtroom isn't something to be afraid of, because we have good representation.
Near Miss in Thailand
The author was on a mission in the jungles of Thailand when he encountered one of nature's frightful creatures.
Charles Fitch: Herald of Christ's Return
William Miller proclaimed the nearness of Christ's return. Charles Fitch became one of his most ardent followers.
Part of God's Family
Some people question the biblical teaching about the Trinity. The author explains why it's true—and why it's important.
An Unforgettable Day
Read a little about the journey of Matt Siliga, an ADRA staff member, visiting projects in Mambwe, Zambia, in southern Africa.
Satan's Secret of Success
Satan has a strategy that works with most of us most of the time, as this imaginary conversation between him and three of his demons suggests.
Food Matters
Vacation Wisdom
Bible Discovery
Great Expectations
Your Bible Questions
Where in the Bible does it say that many people were raised to life at Christ's resurrection and went to heaven with Him?