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Did Judas Really Betray Jesus?

The “Gospel of Judas” claims that Judas was Jesus’ closest friend, and that Jesus asked Judas to betray Him. Ed Dickerson asks, Is this true?

July 2006

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Story of a Reborn Addict
Her son, who was in the care of another, reminded Kathy Hardman of Someone Else who gave up His Son so she could live. The thought changed her life.
Survivors of Katrina
Shortly after Katrina had passed, Kay Kuzma and Brenda Walsh toured the area, gathering stories from survivors, two of which they share with Signs readers.
Sinister Love
Antonio Estrada analyzes the causes of domestic violence and shares information on what you can do if you’re caught in this trap—or know someone who is.
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Protecting Your Child From Internet Pornography
More and more kids are accessing Internet pornography, says J. Charles White. Fortunately, there are ways that parents can intervene.
After the War
Robert McIver points out that the world is engaged in a war with evil, and he shares what the Bible says will happen when God’s side (and ours) wins.
The Old Man and the Hair Brush
Beth Moore was waiting for a plane at the airport when God spoke to her—and she cringed at what He told her to do.
A Skeleton in Your Closet
God’s laws are like our bones, says John Denne, and he explains how best to apply the Ten Commandments to everyday life.
Joy Through a Kill Joy
Do you have a sour-faced co-worker? Jessica Pierce did. Then something happened that changed everything—and taught Jessica an important lesson.