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Meteor Impact—Is That How the World Will End?

An asteroid or meteor impact would destroy all life on our planet, but the Bible predicts something different.

June 2008

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When God Is Silent
What justification is there for an innocent child to suffer?
Top 10 Health Mistakes
Stay on track with your health.
The New Earth
In spite of what we've done and are doing to our planet, God is still in control.
Food Matters
The Fertility Diet

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Stranger to the Rescue
Helping someone in need can be quite an inconvenience.
The Hearth of Rest
A cardiologist explains that getting adequate rest on a regular basis is so important to our well-being that God has actually commanded it.
A Forgotten Father of the Reformation
Explore the life and ministry of an exceptional man in Christian history who is rarely talked about.
Peter: Fisherman, Flawed Disciple, Sheep Feeder
Peter was called into a life of discipleship—warts and all.
A Changed Life
Baptism means more—much more—than going under the water.
Consider Jesus
The author helps us to see Jesus more clearly.
When God Heals and When He Doesn't
How should those who are seriously ill pray for healing? What should they expect God to do?
Path Out of Poverty
How Rosa gets a life
The Day God Died
When faith is challenged by circumstances, we need to remember that we serve a living God.
Bible Discovery
Baptism and Discipleship
LIving With Children
In Praise of the Terrible Twos
Your Bible Questions
Does the Bible require a proper understanding of the name of God for a person to be saved?