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Fast Food, Fast Disease

Fast food, with its high fat and sugar content, is killing us, says physician Jorge Pamplona. But it doesn't have to—and he shows us what we can do.

June 2005

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A Flight to Remember
Michael Sales and a friend learned that God takes care of His own, even when they’re behaving foolishly.
The Good Samaritan
People in trouble need a helping hand, and sometimes the best help is a prayer. Barbara Hansen and her husband proved that prayer works.

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Ancient Advice for the Modern Kitchen
The Bible offers more practical advice than most people realize. Miguel Valdivia shows how its dietary recommendations are sound, even by today’s scientific standards.
Signs You Can’t Ignore
Are we approaching the end of human history? Shawn Boonstra says yes, and he shares several biblical indications to support that conclusion.
Is God a Family?
Is God one or three? The biblical teaching about the Trinity has puzzled Christian Bible students for 2,000 years. Zane Yi makes sense of the puzzle.
Why Join a Church?
Because we live in a very individualistic society, some people wonder if solo Christianity isn’t OK too. Rick Rice points out the benefits of a shared religious experience.
Created in His Image
Graeme Loftus reflects on the implications of the biblical teaching that we human beings are created, as Genesis says, “in the image of God.”