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God's Healthcare Plan

Physician James Marcum explains how he helped one patient to improve his health and at the same time dispense with an expensive medication.

May 2009

Signs online features this month

How to Keep Your Home Happy
Life's "busyness" can make home miserable instead of happy. The author offers some suggestions for ensuring that doesn't happen in your home.
What Jesus Said About the Last Days
Some people still believe the world is getting better and better, but the author points out that Jesus dispelled that idea some 2,000 years ago.
Why Baptism Matters
The ancient practice of baptism still has relevance today. But only if performed according to the Bible instruction.
Living With Children
Attention Overload Disorder

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Encourage One Another
Affirmation is an all too rare commodity, but it helps build strong connections and healthy relationships.
Springtime in Turkey
A report on a fascinating visit to biblical ruins in Turkey
Sweet Relief
Sugar is sweet to the taste, but it wreaks havoc on the body.
A Symbol of Salvation
God redeemed ancient Israel from slavery in Egypt. He redeems us from slavery to sin, and He's given us a way to celebrate His redemption
Lost and Found
In three simple lessons, Jesus taught us much about our condition. But He also revealed much more about Himself.
A Matter of Life and Death
It's easy to get so busy with life that we fail to prepare adequately for Christ's return. The author discusses the danger.
Changing Women's Lives
The author visited a country where ADRA has made a difference in the lives of thousands of women.
The Good Little Girl
Becky Dixon struggled to be acceptable to God. One winter night, she discovered the real path to His acceptance.
Food Matters
Kids in the Kitchen
Bible Discovery
A New Age Is Coming
Your Bible Questions
Why don't Christians follow the first part of the second commandment? They forbid worshiping images, not making them.