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Jesus and The Da Vinci Code

Dan brown’s popular book, and now the film, make some startling claims about Jesus and the Bible. Robert K. McIver challenges their validity.

May 2006

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“I Do Choose . . .”
George Sperry and his wife were at the point of divorce. Then he realized that his marriage really depended on a choice he could make.
The Party in Heaven
Joel Kotanko thought his friend was crazy. Then he realized that his friend had caused heaven to rejoice!
I Finally Gave My Heart
For some people, accepting Jesus comes easily. For others, it takes time. Sometimes a long time.
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The Ten Commandments Have Their Day
“Ten Commandments Day” is May 7. Ed Dickerson asks, Do we need such a day—or do we already have one?
And the Winner Is . . .
It’s fashionable today to think that living together first will make for a happier marriage. Trafford Fischer examines the research.
Why Your Eternal Life Depends on Jesus
Was Jesus just a charismatic leader like Gandhi, Mohammed, and Buddha? Not according to the Bible. Alejandro Bullón looks at the evidence.
Prime-Time Aging
There’s a difference between “normal aging” and “prime-time aging” say authors David White and Christi Yingling. The choice is yours.
Bill’s Love Lived On
Grief is one of the hardest emotions we humans must bear, but Rhonda Logan found a bright spot when she learned of her husband’s careful planning before he died.