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Living Together: Does It Work?

Common sense would seem to suggest that people "try each other out" before taking that leap at the altar. However, Sergio Torres shows that the evidence tells otherwise.

May 2005

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Prison isn't the most ideal place to live. But Larry St. Laurent discovered that it can be a wonderful place to share your faith with others.
Divorce and Remarriage—and Kids
Family psychologist John Rosemond offers advice on a couple of the tough situations that face parents who try to rebuild lives and families after recovering from divorce.

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Team Building
Husbands and wives are a team, says Phil Downer. Their task is to cooperate in building an intimate relationship. But it has to be the right kind of intimacy.
How Prophecy Reveals the Future
Bible prophecy is one of TV evangelist Shawn Boonstsra's favorite topics because it gives us a broad outlineof history and helps usplace ourselves in the stream of time.
An Average Debtor
The typical North American family is drowning in debt. There's good news, though: You can escape, and Gordon Botting points the way.
Egita's Story
What can a person do who has lost his or her religious faith? Read how Ty Gibson helped one woman find her way back.
Journaling: Breathing Space in the Spiritual Journey
We all need a bit of breathing space when life's stresses start getting us down. Jan Johnson suggests a remedy you may not have thought of—but it works!
Natalie Reilly
Parents like to be proud of their children, but Natalie Reilly found a special—and most unusual—reason to feel very proud of her son.