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Why Jesus Had to Die

Why did a man called Jesus die on a cross 2,000 years ago? The author explores the reason.

April 2009

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Impressing God on Children
The author asks, Who is most responsible for teaching children about God and salvation, the parents or the church?
Preparing for Crisis
The Bible predicts that a shaking time will precede Christ's second coming. The author asks, Are we ready for it?
Is the Historical Jesus the Real Jesus
Skeptics question the story of Jesus in the Bible. The author puts their arguments in perspective.
Food Matters
Food Safety at Home

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Swim Yourself Slim
Can swimming help you lose weight? The author examines the pros and cons and makes some practical recommendations.
Binge Drinking: The Truth About Getting Drunk
Alcohol is killing our youth. But opportunities abound to make a difference. The author says what's missing is a concerted will to act.
The Test of Truth
White lies aren't really white. The author reflects on the importance of truthfulness and honesty.
Splat or Swim!
The author took a challenge from friends that reminded her of challenges we all face in our daily lives.
Born to Die
Jesus was born to be a King. But before He could assume His crown, He first had to go to the cross.
The Sanctuary
Contained in the Hebrew sanctuary and services performed by the priests was a picture of God at work in heaven.
Life on a Harsh Continent
Africa is a land of beauty, suffering, and great opportunity. The author looks at both the continent's greatest needs and some of its successes.
Beautiful Scars
Scars are awful. We pay plastic surgeons thousands of dollars to cover them up. But the author tells about scars that we celebrate.
The Busy Highway
The author compares life to a road that's filled with cars and trucks rushing here and there. Crossing it is dangerous, but we aren't alone.
Bible Discovery
The Sanctuary
Living With Children
What to Do About Picky Eaters
Your Bible Questions
Paul was a Jew, but he did not pay tithe. Why do you insist that Christians must pay tithe?