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Economic Hard Times: A Biblical Prediction?

As the world slides toward economic depression, people are asking whether Bible prophecy predicts it. The author examines the evidence.

March 2009

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Overcome Dieting Pitfalls
Eating right has numerous enemies. This article reveals four pitfalls that derail healthy diets.
Discerning God's guidance
How do you know God's will for your life? The author shares some ways to recognize His leading.
What Will Heaven Be Like?
Have you ever wondered what life will be like in eternity? You'll enjoy reading this author's reflections.
Living With Children
Dealing With a Clingy Child

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The Story of the Baptists
The author examines where this movement of Protestant Christians began and their contribution to religious freedom.
This article reflects on the spiritual implications of an encounter the author had with a Michigan highway patrolman.
Dear Diary: It's Sabbath
The author takes a few moments at the end of the day to reflect on what the Sabbath means to him and his family.
How to Recognize True Repentance
Some people's repentance is fake. This article explains how to spot the false and recognize the genuine.
One Day Closer
How do you feel when you stand beside a loved one's grave? The author found hope. So can you.
Goats for Life
For poor families in Tajikistan, ADRA's goat project is a lifesaver. ADRA's director for public awareness tells the story.
The Unthinkable
Christians claim that Jesus was both fully human and fully divine. This article ponders the nature of Jesus Christ.
When Love Conflicts With Law
The author explores a dilemma.
Food Matters
Superfruits With Superpowers?
Bible Discovery
Sabbath: A Day of Rest
Your Bible Questions
Could it not be said that the baptism of Jesus covered situations in which a believer could not be baptized for whatever reason?