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What Will the Antichrist look like?

Will you recognize the antichrist when he shows up? The author's reflections will help you to avoid the deception.

February 2009

Signs online features this month

How to Manage Stress
Learning to deal with stress is an important part of maintaining your well-being and protecting your health.
The Beginner's Guide to Church
Many of us do not go to church. Some of us have never been. This article talks about what to expect and how to prepare.
Making Sense of Unanswered Prayers
Talking to God doesn't always seem to work. The author helps us find peace when He says No.
Food Matters
Salt Increases Blood Pressure

Signs subscribers can also read these articles in the print edition of the February 2009 issue

Where the World Found a New Word
Every word has an origin. This article takes us to the place where Protestant became a way to describe a large part of Christianity.
Flies in Your Head
What leads good, upstanding Christians to fall into sin? This article points out one of the leading causes.
6 Steps to Serenity
Everyone needs some quiet in their day. It's something you have to plan on—and for. This article suggests how to achieve it.
Finding Support as a Woman
What does a woman do when she's feling overwhelmed with life? The author offers three practical suggestions. (Hint: These suggestions can help men too.)
God's Law
God's law accomplished much. The author delves into its depths.
A Well of Success
This article tells how ADRA changed the life of one homeless man.
Someone to Blame
Why do people die? The author explores the irrationality of death—and God's ultimate solution.
The Last Holdout
Jesus died on the cross to bring us peace from God. The author points out that in order to receive the benefit, we have to believe.
Bible Discovery
The Rule of Law
Living With Children
Ignore Your Kids
Your Bible Questions
At the end of time, will God purify the earth only of sin, or will He purify the entire universe?