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Alcohol in Moderation: is it Good for You

Media spin suggests it could be, but what does science say?

February 2008

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The Detox Debate
Can detox, programs, kits, and supplements really help you lose weight?
When God Spoke to Me
God's voice may not sound quite the way you expect.
Zebra in the Kitchen
Sometimes we overlook and ignore the obvious—deliberately.
Food Matters
Hot Winter Breakfasts

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Just Let Them Play
Ways parents can better represent Christ and teach sportsmanship.
The God Who Came to Stay
Who or what is the Holy Spirit?
Search for God
God is not hard to find; you just need to look in the right place.
The Giving Ladder
There are many types of giving.
Are We There Yet?
Numerous signs of Jesus' return have been proposed through time.
Living and Learning in Laos
Working for an aid agency in Laos is not just about teaching others. It's also about learning.
Successful End-time Living
Lessons we can learn for the end times from the beginning of time.
God's Dilemma
What's the solution when God's justice and His mercy collide?
Bible Discovery
Right Thinking
Living With Children
How to Cure a "Motormouth"
Your Bible Questions
Why do people say that unicorns are not real when Psalm 92:10 says they are?