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The Last War: Armageddon and the Middle East Crisis

As the West confronts the East, does earth’s final battle loom in the near future? Alan Reinach responds.

February 2007

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The First Commandment . . . “You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me”
Some Christians debate whether the gospel is more important than the law or vice versa. But as Ty Gibson points out, both are contained in the very first commandment.
What Is God Really Like?
It’s easy to feel like God is “out to get us,” especially considering how powerful He is. But Marvin Moore assures us we have nothing to fear.
When Your Child Is Bullied
Assault is a crime, John Rosemond explains, even if the perpetrator is ten years old, and the juvenile justice system exists to deal with children who are engaging in criminal activity.
I Was Not Left Behind!
It’s bad enough thinking you might be lost. Holly Lackey reflects on what it would be like to think you really had been.
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Jesus, the Transparent Man
Have you ever felt people could see right through you? Colin Renfrew reveals a Man who truly was transparent in His every action.
Greater Love
Does true love exist? And if it does, what does it look like? Adele Nash puts all her flowers in one basket.
Healthy Farm for Healthy Food
A diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains sounds healthy, but as Susan Johnstone has found, how that food is farmed makes a big difference.
Meeting Your Deepest Needs
Have you ever felt like giving up? Mark Finley offers us a Friend and so much more. We can find peace in this turbulent world.
When I Met God
Evangelist Mark Finley tells of his conversion and faith.
Blessings Unexpected
God promises to provide for our needs. But sometimes He blesses us with the unexpected and unnecessary! Karen Elengikal rejoices in the grace of God.
Raising a family—Twice
In the West, most 71-year-olds have raised their families and are enjoying retirement. But in many African countries, the elderly continue to care for young families. Candice Jaques tells the story of one.
Is Heaven So Unbelievable?
Skeptics scoff at the idea of a "heaven" that no one has ever seen. Mark Finley shares a story that can give you confidence.
Pills or Peanuts?
Certain high-fat foods, such as peanuts and peanut butter, protect us from developing heart disease. Diets based on these high monounsaturated fat foods have been found to work better than low-fat diets to reduce risk factors for this chronic condition!