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Nine Ways to Guard Your Home Against Divorce

Divorce can nearly always be avoided. Victor Parachin offers nine suggestions that can help you keep your marriage intact.

February 2006

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Why Do I Hurt So Bad?
One of the most profound of human dilemmas about God is why He allows innocent people to suffer. Ricardo Bentancur responds to that question.
Stonehenge Evolved
Einer Rom concludes that Stonehenge resulted from a chance collision of meteors and fragments in space. After all, those rock formations are not nearly as complex as the human body, which scientists claim is the result of the random forces of nature.
Grace in the Eyes of a Five-Year-Old
Children sometimes see lessons in events—even tragic ones—that adults miss. Kelly Nadig’s little cousin shared one of these lessons with her.
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God in the Psychiatric Ward
Carol Swanson’s abusive marriage relationship changed when she found God in the psychiatric hospital to which she had committed herself.
How You Can Make Your Sabbaths Special
Some people think of Sabbath as a boring day. Not Celeste Walker! And her ideas can help you make your Sabbaths special, too.
A Hot Meal Goes a Long Way
Prejudice sometimes makes us alienate others. Joseph Kovach learned the benefit of treating everyone with respect.
Do You Know Your Final Destination?
Most of us, when we set out on a trip, know where we’re going. Marty Thurber asks whether you know where you’re headed on life’s most important journey.
Dangerous Dialogue
Sometimes we Christians come up with platitudes that sound good but that are biblically unsound. Colleen Reese responds to five of these.