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How to Be Friends With God

The God she had been serving all these years was a God who demanded absolute perfection and had no tolerance for failure.

February 2005

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I sat there wondering how I would explain the way I had marked the papers I had brought, all carefully "corrected" for every error I could find.
The Cross by the Road
I felt uneasy when I got in the car. I had the distinct feeling that I should stay home.

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Freedom From Addiction
What does it mean to be a prisoner of sin? Addiction is a more modern word that means essentially the same thing.
A Cry for Help
Suddenly, a piercing scream brought my daydreaming to an end. "Stop it! Stop it!" wailed a girl two seats ahead of me, clutching at her head.
Sabbath: God's Blessed Command
Why would busy people sacrifice one-seventh of their precious time for the sake of religious observance?
Breaking In to Success
Why are so many of us anxious and discouraged, feeling like we're trapped in a maze with no way out?
Bouncing Back From Defeat
When defeats and setbacks come, some people skyrocket while others plummet.
Playing God
The conversation was taking a turn I didn't like. My life was busy, and I sure didn't want to be conned into taking a strange child into town.