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UFOs: Are We Alone in the Universe?

Are aliens from a distant galaxy trying to invade planet Earth? This article looks at what the Bible says about this important topic

January 2009

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How Kids Manipulate Us
We've all seen them in shopping centers—kids who control their parents. But what do we do when we get home and discover they are our kids? The author makes some helpful suggestions.
Is Jesus Really Coming Back Again?
Skeptics claim that Jesus' promise to return is just "pie in the sky." The author reminds us why Christians still have every reason to believe.
Who Is on Trial?
The Bible paints a very clear picture of judgment taking place in heaven. The article explores who is judged, who is judging, and what the outcome will be.
Living With Children
On Being Involved With Your Kids

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The World's Most Expensive Chocolate
The author asks, How much is your religion worth? That depends, she says, on whether it's a theory or a personal experience.
Patmos: A Holy Island
What if you could escape to a deserted island and find God?
Steps to Health
Do you feel tired or irritable much of the time? The author introduces some simple changes for more healthful living.
Way Too Shy
The author was practically scared of her own shadow—till a chance encounter with a verse from the Bible turned her life around.
God Delivers a New Earth
Can peace on earth ever exist? Opening the Bible, the author explores the millennium.
Imagine: A World Without Christianity
Would we really be better off if Beatles' John Lennon's imaginary world of no heaven or religion came true? The author doesn't think so.
Talking to My Best Enemy
The Rwanda genocide shocked the world. Now ADRA is helping survivors forgive and make a new life.
Does It Matter What I Believe?
Being true to your beliefs gives fulfillment to life. This article explains why having the right beliefs is an important first step.
Translating Faith
How would you express the meaning of faith if your language didn't already have a word for it? This article tells how one Bible translator solved that problem.
Food Matters
Make Over Your Cheese Platter
Bible Discovery
Christianity's Influence
Your Bible Questions
Please explain from the Bible that fallen angels cannot and did not reproduce with humanity.