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Did God Create the Devil?

Ed Dickerson challenges the popular assumption that God is somehow responsible for the evil and suffering in the world.

January 2005

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Religious, but Not Spiritual
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Can Sincerity Guarantee Salvation?
Many paths lead to salvation, some people say, and one's as good as another as long as your belief is sincere. But Doug Batchelor says correct belief does matter.
The Bible Won't Bite
W. A. Townend responds to three ways of thinking about the Bible that cause many people to assume that it is irrelevant to their lives.
Pie Therapy
Joanne Schulte and her husband seemed to be at a stand-off over computers. Can their solution help you resolve a similar problem in your marriage?
Babylon: Gate of the Gods
Babylon is first of all an ancient city in what is now Iraq. But Loren Seibold points out that the Bible considers it to be much, much more.
A Plan to Make Bible Reading Fun
For a long time, Sylvia Grosh found Bible reading to be a chore. Then she found a method that can make Bible reading enjoyable for you, too.
Isaac Newton's Greatest Discovery
Isaac Newton was one of the world's greatest minds, says scientist Ariel Roth. And one of the reasons was his ability to combine faith with science.
I'm Not Going to Heaven When I Die
What seemed like an unfortunate turn of events became an opportunity for a significant discussion about life after death for Rae Casey.