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The Trinity
The idea that God is three Individuals is one of Christianity’s most controversial teachings.
Revisiting the Trinity
Throughout most of the Christian era, theologians have debated the doctrine of the Trinity. Marvin Moore examines the biblical evidence.
No Longer Lonely
Do you feel discouraged or abandoned? Nancy Canwell tells about the private Cheering Squad that each of us has.
A Picture of God
Does the idea of God as Three in One make sense?
The Trinity Doctrine: Is It Biblical?
Most Christians say yes, but some say no.
Three in One
The Trinity: Logical? Biblical?
Faces of the I AM
One of the greatest debates in Christian history is whether Jesus and the Holy Spirit are equal with God. Penny Estes Wheeler shares what the Bible says about this important question.
God Is a Family
Many people dispute the doctrine of the Trinity because it seems mathematically impossible.
Unconfusing the Confusing
Christians talk about three Gods when Christianity claims to worship one God. Why?
The Trinity
Why we need Them