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Father Knows Best
The girl in this story learns that bad situations can also provide excellent opportunities
A mistaken identity can sometimes be helpful.
The Good Samaritan
People in trouble need a helping hand, and sometimes the best help is a prayer. Barbara Hansen and her husband proved that prayer works.
The Carol That Stopped a War
The story of that most popular of Christmas carols, "Silent Night."
Jesus Is at the End of My Rope
Sometimes life seems hopeless. But Ben Tremper discovered that Jesus was at the other end of the “rope” he would just have soon have hanged himself with.
Karl's Surprise
Susan Peabody was desperate. Her son was making all the wrong choices. He finally told her what caused him to turn his life around, because she'd never have guessed it.
God’s Voice in My Cell
Prison is the last place that Juan Martinez expected God speak to him. But he did hear God’s voice, and the day came when he knew he had to respond.
The Cross by the Road
I felt uneasy when I got in the car. I had the distinct feeling that I should stay home.
Grace in the Delivery Room
Young Robert Rigsby, a medical student, watched his physician father model grace where he would least have expected to see it.
Stranger on a Harley
“Judge not,” Jesus said, “that ye be not judged.” Connie Kutac learned a whole new meaning to that sage advice.
“I’ll Work for Some Supper”
The stranger disappeared as suddenly as he appeared. What happened in between was a godsend. Tom Kovach tells the story.
Grace in the Eyes of a Five-Year-Old
Children sometimes see lessons in events—even tragic ones—that adults miss. Kelly Nadig’s little cousin shared one of these lessons with her.
Escape From Perfectionism
Clinton Meharry found the pathway to healing when he discovered that his food addiction was driven by a misunderstanding of God.
A Peruvian Thanksgiving
Leon Jones was stuck in Peru, frustrated that local unrest made it impossible to visit his family at Thanksgiving time. Then a child put everything in perspective for him.
I Won't Be Robbed Twice
The men robbed you once. Why let them rob you again? Richard Maffeo knew exactly who was asking him this question, and what He meant by it. God was talking to him.
I Was Not Left Behind!
It’s bad enough thinking you might be lost. Holly Lackey reflects on what it would be like to think you really had been.
When God Spoke to Me
What does it mean to “hear” God’s voice? How does He “talk” to us? Amy Joy Hess asked those questions and came up with some helpful answers.
The Robbers Repent
J. H. Zachary tells about a time when four thieves learned a lesson about God's money.
Sarah’s Vase
Physician David Cerqueira had to deliver the terrible news to Sarah’s parents. But Sarah still had one more service to perform.
Lessons I learned from one of God's tiny creatures
A Flight to Remember
Michael Sales and a friend learned that God takes care of His own, even when they’re behaving foolishly.
Jesus' Blood Test
A preacher father heard a sermon about Jesus' death from his three-year-old daughter.
The Arrogant Nuclear Scientist
Robert Faid went to church because everyone else did, but he didn’t believe in God, virgin births, or resurrections. Then one day the preacher made him feel uncomfortable.
Prison isn't the most ideal place to live. But Larry St. Laurent discovered that it can be a wonderful place to share your faith with others.
Jesus Doesn't Go to Church
You'll enjoy John Baxter's humorous account of the day he met Jesús at a hotel in Dallas, Texas— and introduced him to Jesus.
I Will Be Baptized!
Have you ever really wanted something—only to have apparently insurmountable circumstances interfere? Jeris Bragan tells an unusual story.
My Mother's Hands
"I was baptized when I was ten, and I asked Jesus to be in my heart forever. But the words my mom shared with me that morning will live in my heart and mind forever."
The Spice of Life
Kelly Hauck met Spice one evening in Denver, where she'd gone to spend the summer helping needy people. And Spice gave her a dream.