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The Benefits of Temptation
We tend to think of temptation as something to be avoided. But if we relate to it appropriately, several good things can come from each one.
Can You Forgive and Forget?
Many people struggle to forgive someone who hurt them deeply. It isn’t easy, but with God’s help it’s possible.
Guard Your Heart
Temptation comes in all kind of sizes and shapes, and often it doesn't look like temptation! The author shares her experience.
How God Speaks to Us
Have you ever wished you could ask God a question? The author shares some thoughts on how to recognize God's voice.
Five Ways to Deal With Guilt
Guilt is good when it keep us living right. But it can also be bad. The author explains the difference and suggests how to deal with it.
Practicing Faith
A healthy spiritual life won’t just “happen.”
Can You Afford Not to Forgive?
Has someone you care about hurt you? Arlene Taylor looks at the health implications of holding a grudge.
How to Develop a More Meaningful Prayer Life
Randy Maxwell, who has written several books on prayer, shares some thoughts on how you can find more meaning in prayer.
How to Be Friends With God
Did it ever occur to you that God wants you as a His friend? How can you have a comfortable relationship with Him?
The Power of Forgiveness
You can nurse your hurt feelings for a long time with a grudge. But the author reflects on a solution that's much more satisfying—and it's permanent.
From Anger to Forgiveness
Anger isn't a bad emotion. We all experience it from time to time. The real issue is how we deal with it. Marvin Moore offers some helpful suggestions.
Can You Talk Back to God?
Is it OK to question God? Is it OK to challenge Him over the unfortunate things that happen in your life? Alden Thompson reflects on the answers to these questions.
The Insanity of Violence
Why is violence so prevalent? Who's to blame? Loren Seibold comments on the reason the world has been such a violent place for thousands of years.
Fake It Till You Make It
If we do something without really wanting to, are we being hypocritical?
Spiritual but Not Religious
Increasingly, people are leaving organized religion, especially young people. Yet they say they want to be spiritual.