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It's a war that politicians refer to from time to time. But what is it?
The Urgent Appeal
A divine certainty
Is Christ Coming Again?
Skeptics and naysayers scoff at the idea, but the Bible says Yes.
Facing the End Times Without Fear
Lift up your head!
Invasion From Space
Science fiction writers love to spin stories of space aliens attacking our planet, but Lonnie Melashenko says an invasion really will happen someday.
Planet in Crisis
You may have shrugged it off when you read about it in the newspaper or heard about it on TV. But it's real, and it fulfills Bible prophecy.
Bible Facts About the Second Coming
Jesus is coming soon, but don't be deceived.
Christ’s Second Coming: A Devastating Surprise?
The sudden destruction of Dresden illustrates the perils of end-time complacency. Pastor Shawn Boonstra talks about the greatest hope of all.
Earthquakes and Birth Pains
Painful times can mean that something good is about to happen.
Confusion in the Cemetery
Many Christians today misunderstand what the Bible says about death. Why is the biblical evidence important?
Will the World End on December 21?
The Mayan Long Count calendar is compared with what the Bible says about the end of the world.
Putting the Delay in Perspective
Is the blessed hope still valid?
Promises and Patience
Jesus won’t let you down.
How Long, O Lord?
How soon is the "soon return" of Jesus?
Things Are Looking Up—Jesus Is Coming!
When it happens, you won't want to miss it!
Dating the End of the World
Many Christians are anxious for Jesus to come again. Ed Dickerson reminds us of the perils of trying to guess when He will come.
A Not-So-Green World
Predictions of famines, pestilence, and disease are part of the end times.
How Jesus Will Return
The Bible’s greatest promise
When Jesus Returns
Death makes its mark on each of us as we lose loved ones. Mark Finley offers hope for the sorrowful soul.
The Waiting Game
After 2,000 years of waiting, is Jesus really going to return soon?
The Secret Rapture—Is It True?
Many people believe God's people will be snatched out of the world just before the Tribulation. Samuel Bacchiocchi examines the biblical evidence.
Is the Rapture for Real?
Clifford Goldstein addresses the popular idea that genuine Christians will be taken to heaven seven years prior to Christ's actual second coming.
Vanishing Christians?
Not according to the Bible
Christ’s Second Coming: You Can Bet on It!
Most people don’t make comparisons between casinos and things in the Bible, but Clifford Goldstein came up with a good one.
How to Set Your Clock for the End of Time
The importance of being ready at all times for critical events, the most important of which is Christ’s second coming
Meteor Impact—Is That How the World Will End?
An asteroid or meteor impact would destroy all life on our planet, but the Bible predicts something different.
The Ultimate Space Journey
Mark Finley says that a day is coming when we won't have to be astronauts in order to explore our own galaxy—or any other!
I Was Not Left Behind!
It’s bad enough thinking you might be lost. Holly Lackey reflects on what it would be like to think you really had been.
The Waiting Game
Is Jesus really planning to return to earth someday?
Meteor Impact
It could bring life on this earth to an end, but God has another plan.
A Word Picture of Jesus’ Second Coming

Making Sense of Destruction
Our world is simultaneously awash with floods and desiccated by fire. Why?
When Will Jesus Return?
Christmas is about celebrating the day Jesus first came to this world. When will he return?
Would You Recognize a Jesus Impersonator?
Could anyone counterfeit Christ’s second coming?
How Soon Is Soon?
Can we ever say that Jesus’ return is near?
Does the Bible Predict Climate Change?
Scott Christiansen examines the scientific evidence for climate change and compares it with what Jesus said about signs of His second coming.
How to Work the Second Coming Into Your Schedule
It's easy to let our preparation for Jesus' return slip by day after day. What can we do today to prepare for His return someday?
Is the World About to End?
What are the signs?
Jesus the Warrior
We typically think of Jesus as gentle and mild. There will be a time when he will come as a General, leading an army.
How to Understand the Delay in Christ's Return
Because we long for a perfect world, we also become impatient for Jesus to return to our earth.
Hope and the End of History
What the Bible says about Jesus’ return to the earth
How the World Will End
We live in a dangerous world that's getting more dangerous by the day. Arnold Wheeler says that, according to the Bible, that's what we can expect!
What Jesus Said About When He'll Return
Christians are naturally anxious to know when Christ will return. However, the author says that Christ had a reason for leaving us in uncertainty.
What to Expect When Jesus Returns
Is Christ's second coming a genuine hope that Christians can look forward to, or is it a pie in the sky? Mark Finley comments on this question.
Hope for a Hurting World
The world may be in chaos, but Nancy Canwell believes there is still something to look forward to.
When There Will Be No Atheists
The time is coming when there will be no doubt.
Making Sense of Tragedy
Tragedy often happens without warning, leaving the victims and their families suffering with grief. Curtis Rittenour shares some thoughts on how to deal with it.
When Words Are Not Enough
How do you explain something you've never seen?
Is Jesus Really Coming Back Again?
Skeptics claim that Jesus' promise to return is just "pie in the sky." The author reminds us why Christians still have every reason to believe.
Ready or Not
Jesus is coming again.
Why Will Jesus Come in the Clouds?
The Bible describes how Jesus will return to earth for a good reason.
Will We Ever Escape Our Planet?
Today, even scientists are urging us to get off our planet. But Clifford Goldstein says God announced that plan thousands of years ago.
The Day I Saw Jesus' Second Coming
A childhood encounter reinforced a lifetime of belief in a real event.
Which Way Does Christmas Point?
We typically think of Christmas as a time to look back, but the author found it also to be a time to look forward.
The Certainty of the Second Coming
How can we know?
Three Minutes to Midnight
Clifford Goldstein points out that it isn't just Christians who are concerned about the end of the world. So are some scientists.
9 Amazing Facts About Jesus' Second Coming
Why is Jesus coming again? Who will be with Him? What will happen to the righteous, the wicked? Doug Batchelor answers these and similar questions.