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God’s Gift of Mercy
What a picture!
Approaching God With Confidence
Do you sometimes feel that God is too busy to respond to your prayers? How does the Bible respond to this concern?
Bringing Sin to God
Only Jesus heals your heart.
Sanctuary of Shadows
What did the sanctuary services in the Old Testament mean? They are far more relevant to us today than many people realize.
Full Access to God
A slaughtered animal, an ancient tabernacle and a modern courtroom: together they tell an salvation’s tale.
God's Lamb Our High Priest
Loren Seibold explains the meaning of the Old Testament sacrificial system that seems so strange to our modern eyes and ears.
Full Access to God
Did you know that you don't have to be afraid of God—that in fact you can come to Him boldly?
God's Show-and-Tell
Teachers sometimes have children bring objects to school to show their classmates. Marvin Moore points out that God did something similar for ancient Israel.