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Growing in Christ
Developing a relationship with God is very much like planting a seed.
The Desperate Man of Romans 7
Have you ever felt as though God couldn’t accept you because you couldn’t overcome a bad habit?
Rest Assured: How to Know You're Saved
Did you ever wonder whether God accepts you just as you are—whether you're really saved? Céleste perrino Walker asked that question, and she shares God's answer.
Once Saved, Maybe Saved?
Felicito Fernando wasn't sure he could answer Yes when asked whether he was saved. The answer he found to this question may help you to answer it too.
Is Obedience a Condition of Salvation?
For 2,000 years, Christians have debated the role that obedience plays in our salvation. The author takes another look at the issues involved in this important question.
Christianity Isn’t for Wimps
Success in education and a career require long-term commitment. Reinder Bruinsma points out that the same thing is required for spiritual success.
Five Steps to Salvation
People who feel alienated from God sometimes think their situation is hopeless. Randy Maxwell disagrees and explains how you can be—what Christians call—saved.
How to Be Friends With God
The God she had been serving all these years was a God who demanded absolute perfection and had no tolerance for failure.
Did Jesus Die in Vain?
And what Signs is doing to ensure that He didn't.
How Perfect Must I Be?
What does it take for God to Save you into His kingdom?
How I Learned to Trust God with my Life
When faced with life's greatest challenge, Sherry James learned to lean on God in ways she would never have thought possible.
Water, Please
Does your soul thirst for something you just can't quite put your finger on? Evidelia Gómez may have the answer.
I Finally Gave My Heart
For some people, accepting Jesus comes easily. For others, it takes time. Sometimes a long time.
Me, Beautiful?
How to change a negative self-perception.
The Power of the Gospel
For years Karen DeBoe struggled with an obsessive compulsive disorder. Then she turned to God for help.
Does Grace Do Away With Law?
It's a question that theologians have debated for centuries. Curtis Rittenour shares a biblical answer.
God’s Soul Cleanser
From time to time we all feel shame and guilt over the things we’ve done. The editor reflects on God’s plan for freedom from these depressing feelings.
Saved by Grace
Even criminals aren’t hopeless cases in God’s sight. However, Chris Deigan learned that sometimes we have to hit bottom in order to look up.
Life’s Most Important Decision
Be certain you get this one right.
Come Just as You Are
How does Jesus relate to us when we sin after we've accepted Him as our Savior? Melissa Howell gives a thoughtful response to this question.
Grace in the Eyes of a Five-Year-Old
Children sometimes see lessons in events—even tragic ones—that adults miss. Kelly Nadig’s little cousin shared one of these lessons with her.
The first step to salvation
Religious, but Not Spiritual
Viewpoint - Regular Column
Yo-Yo Religion
How does God deal with Christians who yield to temptation and sin?
The Greatest Gift
Nancy Canwell promises that this Christmas you have received a special present from Jesus Himself.
Forgiving a Murderer
Befriending your husband’s killer
The Refiner’s Fire
Reflecting the image of God
Growing in Christ
It's something like growing from childhood to adulthood.
How to Live Forever
Most of us humans feel apprehensive at the thought that someday we'll die, but Charles Mills explains that God has a plan for dealing with that problem.
Eternal Life . . . Now?
Christians commonly think that eternal life will begin at Christ's second coming. Jesus had a much different idea.
How to Really Believe in Jesus
Believe in Jesus, and you will be saved. But just how does this work?
The Safety Line
You can trust God's grace
A New Creation
God’s amazing plan for you
Grace at 30,000 feet
Our most random experiences sometimes bring us face-to-face with the issues in life that count the most. Kent Hansen says that's what happened to him.
Getting Away With Grace
Four spiritual lessons from one of the most poignant stories in the Bible.
Are We Saved by Obedience?
Some people feel that obedience? God can’t accept them until they’ve overcome their sins. Arnold Wheeler explains why that isn’t true.
Do Baptized Christians Stop Sinning?
A good question with a good answer
The Gospel in a Seed
Jesus loved to tell stories about seeds.
How to Know You're Saved
What is the basis of the Christian's assurance of eternal life in God's kingdom?
Jesus Talk
It's easy for sincere Christians to feel overwhelmed with guilt when they violate their consciences.
God of the Second Chance
How does God relate to sinners who fail—who sin even though they're struggling to overcome?
What It Means to be Born Again
It's important for Christians to understand what the new birth means—and what it does not mean.
Can Sincerity Guarantee Salvation?
Only under the right circumstances
Why Jesus Had to Die
Why did a man called Jesus die on a cross 2,000 years ago? The author explores the reason.
Is Obedience a Condition of Salvation
For 2,000 years, Christians have debated the role that obedience plays in our salvation. Here's another look at the issues involved in this important question.
Declared Innocent
Have you ever felt that God simply cannot accept you because of the wrong things you've done? The Bible has a solution to that problem.
When It Will Be Forever Too Late
Will human beings be able to accept Jesus throughout eternity? Why will the opportunity end someday?
How to Learn About Salvation
We can learn from the Bible—but there are also other ways.
The Benefits of Being a Christian
What difference does it make being a Christian, anyway? We asked five Christian authors to respond to that question.
Am I Good Enough?
Many Christians wonder whether they're so sinful God can't accept them. The author felt that way, and she shares her answer.
How to Be a Happy Christian
From time to time, we all feel depressed, afraid, or filled with guilt. Loren Seibold explains how you can be a happy Christian.