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Honoring the Ten Commandments
Ed Dickerson suggests a reason why God's law, proclaimed from Sinai, became such a hot item that some Christians had to set aside a day to honor it.
Fooling With Time
We divide our time into days, weeks, months, and years—and God intended that we should do so.
Why My Saturdays are Sabbaths
Loren Seibold explains why he observes the Sabbath on Saturday and what that means to him.
Give Yourself a Day
Nan Chase, who is not a Seventh-day Adventist, discovered that the Sabbath relieved her of stress and revived her marriage.
Are You a Workaholic?
Curtis Rittenour explains what work addiction is and how you can recognize it in yourself. Then he points out God's solution to the problem.
Resting in Grace
Sabbath is about resting in God's work, not our own.
The Joy of Rest
A delightful Sabbath
Remember the Sabbath Day
The fourth commandment calls us to worship the God who made us.
What Difference Does a Day Make?
Two reasons why God's choice of a day for the Sabbath—the seventh day of the week—makes the most sense.
Searching for the Sabbath in Colossians 2:16
Does this verse mean that Christians no longer need to observe the seventh-day Sabbath?
How Jesus Kept the Sabbath
Jesus loved to make people happy on the Sabbath, but some people accused Him of breaking the Sabbath. Which was it? Read Alejandro Bullon's response to that question.
Come Join the Celebration
God loves to celebrate. God has set aside an entire day each week for just that purpose!
Sunday in the New Testament
Is there evidence of a change from Saturday to Sunday?
From Sunday to Sabbath
The author gives a straightforward explanation of why he worships on Saturday.
Is the Sabbath Optional?
And can inconvenience justify ignoring it?
A Symbol of Salvation
Restoring our world
How to Celebrate Sabbath
Plan it! Do it! Love it!
Spending Sabbath With God
Here's a reflection on what the Sabbath means to the author—and what it can mean to you when you make a point to really keep it.
An Oasis in Time
The challenge and blessing that come from keeping the Sabbath
Sabbath as Holy Time
What does it actually mean to keep the Sabbath “holy”?
A Gift in Time
The clock has made us slaves to time. This article shows how the Sabbath delivers us from the tyranny of time.
The Sabbath Community
Sabbath is a day of rest—and a day for God’s people to be together.
Resting From Works, Resting in God
Sabbath rest is God's way of helping us develop spiritual maturity.
A Return to Peace
You will never rest until you rest with God.
How to Keep the Sabbath
Ways to kick back, relax, and recharge once a week
Sunday in the New Testament
Does the New Testament say anything about a change of the Sabbath from the seventh day to the first day of the week? Signs examines the evidence.
Why the Week Has Seven Days
Why not six or eight days—or four?
Sabbath: Do We Know Which Day It Is?
There have been two calendar changes in the past 2,000 years, so a key question about the Sabbath is whether we really know which day it is. Ed Dickerson examines the evidence.
The Rest We Need
Rest is crucial to your survival
God's Gift to Busy People
Becky Rudell learned that keeping the Sabbath means much more than just taking a day off work.