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How to Recognize a Counterfeit Miracle
The Bible says a lot about miracles, including the false kind. Cezar Luchian explains how to tell them apart.
Hollywood’s Battle for Your Mind
Are Harry Potter and his film companions simply witty, lovable kids? Think again, says Steve Wohlberg. Something much more sinister is going on.
The Perils of Twilight
A new occult thriller has hit the theaters grabbing the attention of teens. Steve Wohlberg explains its sinister significance.
Harry Potter and Witchcraft
Just as Satan crept into Eden as a snake and deluded Adam and Eve, so he continues today. Is Harry Potter his latest incarnation?
The Devil's Door Into Spiritualism
Many people think that when you die you keep on living. This idea poses danger to those who believe it.
The Occult on Prime Time
The dangers of the ghostly trend Hollywood's movie studios and TV networks are producing.