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The Quest for Eternal Life
People are searching in all the wrong places.
The Pyramids and the Afterlife
The ancient Egyptian view of death compared with the biblical view
Death: Where Do We Go?
Many Christians believe that when they die their souls will go immediately to fellowship with Jesus and the angels. Shawn Boonstra checks out what the Bible says.
What Is a Soul?
Popular theology says that every human being has an immortal soul. There is biblical evidence behind this idea.
Seeing God's Face in Yours
Is God's image still visible in sinful, broken down human beings?
Not According to Plan
Nancy Canwell explains why things go wrong in our lives and what has been done to fix them.
Our Unfortunate Inheritance
What causes us to do things like fudge on our taxes or treat people badly?
Who Are We?
Are we humans basically good or bad?
Are You a Car or a Computer?
Cars and Computers are interesting ways to think of our human nature. What are the implications of these two concepts?
Body and Soul: Together Forever
Is there hope for the degenerate human being?