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The Millennium
A time of restoration
Making Sense of the Millennium
The Bible speaks of a 1,000-year period that Christians call "the millennium." What does Revleation say about this period?
The New Jerusalem Comes to Earth
An imaginary journey
What the Bible Says About the Millennium
Revelation 20 predicts that a period of 1,000 years will follow Christ's seecond coming. So what will happen during that time? Dean Edgar examines the evidence.
Will God Destroy the Wicked?
There are two views on that.
The Millennium—When and Where?
Revelation’s one-thousand-year timespan made plain
Where Will You Spend the Millennium?
Most Christians probably expect to spend the millennium on this earth. The editor questions that conclusion—and he shows why from the Bible.
A World Without People
Science fiction sometimes envisions all of earth's inhabitants being destroyed. Is there a time when that will actually happen?
What the Bible Says About the Millennium
According to Revelation 20, a 1,000-year period will follow Christ’s second coming. Ed Dickerson explains what will happen during this millennium and why.
1,000 Years and Beyond
According to the Bible, our planet will be desolate for 1,000 years, and then will come the final and permanent end of evil.