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God's Ten Commandments
God has given us humans Ten Commandments that He asks us to keep. What laws does God keep?
Laying Down the Law
God’s commandments are founded on love.
High Noon in Jerusalem
The meaning of an incident in Jesus' life illustrates the wonderful relationship between law and grace.
Law of Love
In a world full of rules, Nancy Canwell explains why we need ten more.
The Ten Commandments: Here for Good?
Many people’s view of social justice is simply the Christian worldview they thought they’d abandoned.
What About God's Law?
Do New Covenant Christians have to keep the Ten Commandments?
Remember the Sabbath Day
The fourth commandment calls us to worship the God who made us.
What Difference Does God's Law Make?
Some laws we have to obey; others give us a choice.
How to Keep God’s Law
The Ten Commandments are but part of God’s law. They also need love.
God’s Chocolate Laws
Some people are afraid of God’s laws. Others ignore them. Charles Mills points out why God gave us His laws and how they can benefit you.
Learning to Love God's law
It's easy to think God's laws are a bunch of restrictions that keep us from enjoying life. But Melissa Howell says there's a way to keep his laws—and enjoy doing it!
God's Contracts
The biblical topic of covenants is rather controversial in some Christian circles. Doug Batchelor looks at what the Bible says.
Honoring the Ten Commandments
Ed Dickerson suggests a reason why God's law, proclaimed from Sinai, became such a hot item that some Christians had to set aside a day to honor it.
Do Christians Have to Keep God's Law?
Some Christians say that the Ten Commandments don't apply to God's people after the Cross, but is this really true?