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Judgment of Love
The topic of God's judgment has brought fear to the hearts of many Christians. There is no need to fear.
Who's Afraid of the Judgment?
Some Christians think God is a fearsome Judge who's "out to get them." But John Brunt explains why no one needs to feel afraid of God's judgment.
Who Is on Trial?
The Bible paints a very clear picture of judgment taking place in heaven. The article explores who is judged, who is judging, and what the outcome will be.
When Will God Judge the World?
The Bible makes it clear that God will judge the world someday. But when will that happen?
Answers for Everything
Understanding Revelation's judgment scene at the end of the Bible.
The Good News in God’s Final Judgment
Judgment is coming!
Judge and Jury
Will God be on your side in the judgment?
When We'll Judge God
Christians speak of God judging human beings. Someday we will also judge Him.
When God Sorts Out His Own
Does God's judgment of His people at the end of time mean they can't be sure of their acceptance by Him now?
The Hope of Judgment
The author explores how the promise of God's judgment gives life meaning now.
Who’s Afraid of the Judgment?
Some people are, but they don’t have to be.
The Purpose of God's Judgment in Heaven
Christians sometimes call Christ’s second coming “the great judgment day,” which it surely will be. But Marvin Moore asks whether that’s God’s only judgment mentioned in the Bible.
Heaven’s Great Courtroom
God’s courtroom is different from the ones we’re accustomed to.
A New Look at the Judgment
Some people feel frightened at the idea that God will judge them someday. David Bissell had an experience that relieved him of that fear.
The Hour of God's Judgment
Clifford Goldstein points out an important truth about God's judgment of the world: it will take place in heaven prior to Christ's second coming.