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Why Did Jesus Speak Harshly?
Was He uncaring?
Why Jesus Matters
Jesus lived nearly 2,000 years ago, so what difference does He make to us today?
Where Was God When Jesus Died?
Ed Dickerson explains that Jesus accepted God's rejection so that we would never have to. It was part of God's plan.
Why the Virgin Birth Matters
So long as we have faith, do we really need to believe in the supernatural and incredible claims of Christ?
Encounter With an Angel
We typically think of the honor God bestowed on Mary in choosing her to be the mother of the Messiah. But Patty Ntihemuka reminds us of a more somber side of the story.
What If He Hadn’t Been Born?
Viewpoint - Regular Column
Who Is Jesus?
There are many frauds claiming to be the Christ. Who really is Jesus?
God With Us
Signs of the Times asked Nancy Canwell to reflect on the meaning of the name Immanuel. We think you'll appreciate her thoughts.
Jesus' Blood Test
A preacher father heard a sermon about Jesus' death from his three-year-old daughter.
What Does Jesus Do All Day?
Is Jesus patiently waiting for His second coming? Is He engaged in an endless building project? The author explains what Jesus is doing for you and me today.
Born to Be a King
Looking at Him, you would never have guessed who He really was. The author reflects on Jesus' birth 2,000 years ago.
The Bible’s Prophecies About Jesus
They are proof positive of its reliability.
Jesus' Bones: Found?
Some claim to have found them. But is this true?
Why Jesus Had to Die
Why did a man called Jesus die on a cross 2,000 years ago? The author explores the reason.
How Jesus Treated Bad People

The Stones Cry Out
Jesus lives!
He is Risen: What It Means for You!
Christian belief is a commitment that makes a difference in your life's outlook and in how you live it.
What the Storybooks Don't Tell You About Jesus
Ronald Graybill reflects on the kind of Person Jesus would have been 2,000 years ago—and his conclusions may surprise you.
Jesus Christ: Who Was He?
The Bible’s most well-known Person is a mystery to many.
Born to Die
Why did God send His Son Jesus to die for us?
Is the Historical Jesus the Real Jesus
Skeptics question the story of Jesus in the Bible. The author puts their arguments in perspective.
The View From the Cross
Forgiveness was given on an outcrop just outside Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate.
Did Judas Really Betray Jesus?
The “Gospel of Judas” claims that Judas was Jesus’ closest friend, and that Jesus asked Judas to betray Him. Ed Dickerson asks, Is this true?
How Jesus Taught Humility
Communion in its completeness
What If He Had Never Been Born?
Randy Maxwell takes you on an imaginary tour of the world, letting you see what it would have been like if Jesus hadn’t come to earth two thousand years ago.
Jesus and The Da Vinci Code
Dan brown’s popular book, and now the film, make some startling claims about Jesus and the Bible. Robert K. McIver challenges their validity.
Did Jesus Die in Vain?
And what Signs is doing to ensure that He didn't.
How Real Is the Resurrection?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead? Skeptics say No. However, Angel Hernandez examines evidence that the skeptics tend to overlook or ignore.
Did Ancient Prophets Predict Jesus’ Birth?
The Old Testament is filled with predictions of a coming Redeemer. Ed Dickerson explores some of the more significant ones.
Jesus, the Transparent Man
What you see when you look at Jesus
A Day With a Loved One
Help your child look forward to Christ’s return.
How Jesus Kept the Sabbath
Jesus loved to make people happy on the Sabbath, but some people accused Him of breaking the Sabbath. Which was it? Read Alejandro Bullon's response to that question.