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Imagine Heaven!
Nobody alive today has ever been there or seen the place, but here are some good suggestions on what heaven will be like.
What Heaven Is Really Like
Some people think of heaven as a place where we'll strum harps as we sit on clouds. Doug Batchelor examines what the Bible says it will really be like.
Will We Recognize Each Other in Heaven?
The Bible says we will be changed at Christ's second coming. The author ponders whether that means we'll all be strangers in heaven.
Finally Home
Natural disasters around the world remind us of the fragility of our earth, but Nancy Canwell reminds us of a hope we can hold on to.
Longing for Heaven
Nobody has ever seen heaven, but what does the Bible say about our future home?
What Will Heaven Be Like?
Have you ever wondered what life will be like in eternity? You'll enjoy reading this author's reflections.
The Reality of Utopia
Does the word utopia mean a never-never land that doesn't exist, or is it a real place? The author examines the biblical evidence.
Picturing Heaven
Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like?
“Will There Ever Be Peace on Earth?”
The angels who announced Jesus’ birth also proclaimed “peace on earth.” In spite of war and terrorism, Loren Seibold says that hope is still alive.
Can't Wait for Heaven!
Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? Teresa Reeve shares some tantalizing thoughts about the Bible's description of our eternal home.
Can't Wait for Heaven
What will heaven be like?
The Party in Heaven
Joel Kotanko thought his friend was crazy. Then he realized that his friend had caused heaven to rejoice!
Eternity: Fact or Fantasy?
Everything we experience seems to have an end. Does anything in the universe last forever?
Restoring Planet Earth
Some thoughts on what we’ve done to our planet—and what God plans to do to it.
Imagine Heaven
The Bible says that our eyes have not seen nor our ears heard what God has prepared for us, but Ken McFarland takes us on an imaginary tour.
Will We Know Each Other in Heaven?
Some Christians are afraid they won't recognize their friends and loved ones in heaven. Marvin Moore responds to this concern.
What Will We Be Like in Heaven?
Will we have physical bodies in our next lives? And will we recognize our friends and loved ones? Samuele Bacchiocchi responds to these questions.
Heaven and Hell in the Here and Now
When does heaven begin? When does hell begin? Who or what determines which way we go?
My Idea of Heaven
Heaven from the perspective of a child and an adult