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How to Be Obedient Without Being Legalistic
A triumph of grace
God Does Not Fail

The Astonishing Truth About Christmas
God isn’t angry with you.
Can You Talk Back to God?
Is it OK to question God about the problems in your life?
The Father
He wants you to come home.
Is God in Charge?
If the answer is yes, are all of our choices predetermined?
The Day Sin Lost Its Power
Loren Seibold says that evil won't always exist. Jesus saw to that on the cross.
Who Made God?
Philosophers and theologians have debated this question for millennia.
The Son
The Son of God became the Son of man?
What’s Your Picture of God?
It matters more than you may think.
Is God a delusion?
Nobody has ever seen God. Scientists can't prove that He exists. Can we really believe in Him?
Can God Ever Stop Loving Me?
It’s easy for us humans to think that we’re too bad for God to accept us. But Melissa Howell tells a story that turns that idea on its head.
A Father’s Love
Sometimes justice is the best expression of God’s love for us.
Pursued by Grace
Who goes after who? Most people believe they have to seek God, but according to the Bible, God pursues us.
Why Jesus Matters
Jesus lived nearly 2,000 years ago, so what difference does He make to us today?
I Want to Find My Father
Do you love Jesus—but you're afraid of God? Dwight Nelson responds to this fear that most of us have had at one time or another.
Why Does a Good God Allow Pain and Suffering?
The answer may surprise you—but it isn’t because He doesn’t care.
Calm in the Crisis
Take heart; God is always with you.
Typhoon Haiyan: Where Was God?
Why does our world suffer from so many disasters? Ed Dickerson reflects on the cause of these terrible events.
The Father I've Always Wanted
Ty Gibson shares a story of childhood pain over the father he had and how he discovered the Father he'd always wanted.
What Is God Like?
You can come to understand who He really is.
The Battle for Your Thoughts
God gives the victory.
Is God a Republican?
As Americans prepare to go to the polls this month, what are some of the religious promises of politicians?
Are There Two Gods in the Bible?
Is the Old Testament God harsh and cruel while the New Testament God is gentle, loving, and kind? Greg King provides some thoughtful responses to these questions.
The God Hypothesis
Atheists claim that there is no God. Theists claim there is. Clifford Goldstein looks at some of the arguments on both sides.
God's Love for Sinful People
Ellen White reflects on God's love for sinful human beings—a love so great that He gave His Son to save us.
The Name on Your Forehead
Do you have a good name?
A Good and Angry God
Anger is often considered a negative trait. What does a God of wrath actually mean?
Understanding the Angry God of the Bible
There's a common perception that all anger is bad, and therefore God cannot be angry.
A God Who Sings
Music is one of the most powerful of human experiences. God invented it.
What God's Love Is Like
The Bible says that "God is love" (1 John 4:8). What does that mean?
Does God Destroy
When disaster strikes, some people claim that God is punishing the victims for their sins. What does the Bible say?
Challenging God's Reputation
Alden Thompson responds to the nasty reputation that God has in some people's minds.
What Is God Really Like?
It’s easy to feel like God is “out to get us,” especially considering how powerful He is. But Marvin Moore assures us we have nothing to fear.
What Is God Like?
If someone were to ask you to explain what God is like, what would you tell them?
What Kind of Father Is God?
God has always been like Jesus.
God Is Like a Preschool Teacher
Lesa Lank spent a summer helping out in a preschool, and the youngsters taught her a valuable lesson about God.
Does God Torture Sinners
Could a loving God really burn people for ever and ever in hell?
Can God Stop Loving Me?
It’s so easy for us humans to think that we’re too bad for God to accept us.
When God Is Silent
What justification is there for an innocent child to suffer?
God’s Memory
How an all-knowing God forgets
Where Was God When Jesus Died?
Ed Dickerson explains that Jesus accepted God's rejection so that we would never have to. It was part of God's plan.
Of Speeding Fines and Laws Divine
The law that gives life
Paradigm Shift
The truth about your Father
Finding the True God
The crucial quest
Challenging God’s Reputation
It’s horrible, and it’s wrong.
6 Reasons God Created Beauty
Beauty for beauty’s sake