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When You Can't Buy or Sell
Clifford Goldstein examines Revelation's cryptic prediction about economic boycotts in the light of current events.
Economic Hard Times: A Biblical Prediction?
As the world slides toward economic depression, people are asking whether Bible prophecy predicts it. The author examines the evidence.
Why Revelation’s Seven Last Plagues Are Important
Would a loving God bring these plagues on the world?
What Will the Antichrist look like?
Will you recognize the antichrist when he shows up? The author's reflections will help you to avoid the deception.
Daniel's Amazing Time Prophecies
A monarch's dream of future history came from God Himself.
The Last War: Armageddon and the Middle East Crisis
As the West confronts the East, does earth’s final battle loom in the near future? Alan Reinach responds.
What Jesus Said About the Last Days
Some people still believe the world is getting better and better, but the author points out that Jesus dispelled that idea some 2,000 years ago.
Why the Middle East Is Such a Tinderbox
The part of the world we often speak of as “the Holy Land” seems to be in a continual state of turmoil. Ed Dickerson explains why.
Preparing for Crisis
The Bible predicts that a shaking time will precede Christ's second coming. The author asks, Are we ready for it?
Armageddon: Is It About to Happen?
The war has been going on since time began. The editor asks the key question: Are you ready for the final battle—spiritually, that is?
When It Will Be Forever Too Late
Will human beings be able to accept Jesus throughout eternity? Why will the opportunity end someday?
Prophecy Plague
Is the coronavirus the beginning of the end? What is our responsibility as Christians?
Preparing for the Coming Global Crisis
A crisis will strike the entire world in the future. How can you be ready for it?
Good News About the End of the World
Millions of people have their focus on December 21, 2012, as the end of the world. The news is far better than that.
What Revelation Says About Armageddon
Most people today have heard about the battle of Armageddon. Marvin Moore explains what the Bible says about this war of all wars.
2012: Is the End Written in Stone?
Many people today expect a global disaster to occur in the year 2012. Should you be concerned?