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The Good News About Death!
There are some strange—and dangerous—things that can happen if we misunderstand the biblical truth about death.
What Is a Soul?
Some philosophers and scientists believe that our value as humans is no greater than that of any other animal. Ed Dickerson responds to this claim.
The Day Sin Lost Its Power
Loren Seibold says that evil won't always exist. Jesus saw to that on the cross.
After Death, Then What?
A close encounter with death prompted the author to reflect on what happens to us humans after we die.
When Will We Become Immortal?
Are all human beings—the good and the bad—immortal now?
The Importance of a Comma
Have Jesus’ words on the cross been misunderstood?
The Fear of Death
Life is precious to most people, and death sounds so ominous. Ed Dickerson shares some thoughts on how he's dealt with that fear.
The History of Halloween
What is its significance today?
“Where Have You Gone, Joe DiMaggio?”
A chance encounter with the famous ball player got Jim Gilley to thinking about the real meaning of the words of Paul Simon’s famous song “Mrs. Robinson.”
Death Isn’t the End!
Beyond death, there’s a reason to rejoice.
Near-Death Experiences: Are They Real?
Sure, you read about them in the National Enquirer They're the stuff of TV specials. But what does the Bible say?
Death Interrupted
God has a plan to reverse death.
After Death, Then What?
After death, do we go to heaven, hell, the grave, or somewhere else?
God’s Locksmith
He holds the keys to death and the grave.
What If Jesus Had Said No
What would the implications be if Jesus had chosen not to go to the Cross?
The Rich Man and Lazarus
Did both really go to their eternal rewards?
Cracking the Tomb
It may seem like graves are meant to be forever, but fortunately they aren’t!
The End of Death
God’s plan for dealing with this ultimate human conundrum.
Out-of-Body Experiences: What Do They Mean?
A professor of New Testament interpretation at Fuller Theological Seminary examines this fascinating phenomenon.
Resurrection or Incarnation
Ed Dickerson examines the concept of reincarnation and compares it with the Christian idea of resurrection.
The Pyramids and the Afterlife
The ancient Egyptian view of death compared with the biblical view
Death, and Then What?
Some people say you go to heaven, others that you go to the grave. Maylan Schurch examines the biblical evidence.
Is Death the End
Death is one of life's rare certainties. The author grapples with the reality of death—and hope.
The Greater Miracle
Death is never easy, either for the dying or for those left behind. But Nancy Canwell shows a way to face it without fear.
The Price Jesus Paid for Christmas
What if He had decided He couldn’t afford it?
God’s Dream
Death is a harsh reality, but it isn’t the end.
Is This All There Is?
Dean Edgar looks at God's plan for the human race and concludes that there's much more to life than the few years we're allocated on this earth.
Finding Hope Through Pain
Beyond darkness and despair
Why Jesus’ Death Matters
Why Jesus’ death has more meaning than anyone else’s
Body and Soul: Together Forever
Is there hope for the degenerate human being?
Death: Where Do We Go?
When it’s time to go, what’s the destination?
The Original Soul Sleeper
What happens when I die? is one of life’s biggest questions. And it deserves an answer.
When Was Jesus Crucified?
Two views have been proposed for the day of Jesus' crucifixion—Wednesday and Friday. Marvin Moore examines the evidence on both sides.
When to Say Goodbye
Today’s medical technology makes it possible to prolong life much longer than in the past. Ed Dickerson discusses the issues involved in making that decision.
The Bible's Good News About Immortality
Several strange ideas about life after death exist in our world. Seth Pierce briefly reviews a recent one, then examines what the Bible says.
Created for Eternity
Do you shed tears when a loved one dies? So does God, says Patty Froese Ntihemuka.
It’s Never Too Late to Grieve
Richard Bauman tells a touching story about a lost love for a baby sister he never had a chance to know.
Death: Where Do We Go?
Many Christians believe that when they die their souls will go immediately to fellowship with Jesus and the angels. Shawn Boonstra checks out what the Bible says.
Three Things You Should Know About Death
Death is always painful. For the Christian, there's good news in the bad news.