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Is the Theory of Evolution Scientific?
Dr. Leonard Brand, a biology professor at Loma Linda University in California, examines various ways to evaluate a theory to determine whether it's true.
Has Science Found God?
Science and religion may not be mutually exclusive.
Zebra in the Kitchen
Sometimes we overlook and ignore the obvious—deliberately.
Why I'm a Creationist
While the evolutionary theory of origins dominates science and is accepted by many religionists, Duane Adams explains why he still believes the Genesis story of Creation.
How I Became a Creationist
Elaine Kennedy grew up believing in a recent Creation, then switched to evolution in high school. Now she has a Ph.D. in geology studying the science of creationism.
How Much Does God Care?
Creation reveals God’s care.
Why Darwin's Triumph
A biologist looks at the history of Darwinism for an explanation of why it has been so successful.
Evolution: A Leap of Faith
A closer look at the odds
Creation vs. Evolution: No Middle Ground
God is the Great Geologist.
How Old Is Life on Earth?
There are problems with the popular view.
Can a Creationist Be a Scientist?
Some people think they’re mutually exclusive because today’s science excludes God.
Why Origins Matter
How relevant is the Bible’s account of Creation?
Evolution: The Seen and the Unseen
Creationists do believe in evolution—but which kind?
Reflections on Creation, Evolution, and Theology
Marvin Moore reflects on the theological implications of the two dominant theories of the origin of life.
Theistic Evolution: Does It Work?
Did God use evolution as His way of creating life on earth?
Is Creation Credible?
Did God really create the things in nature? Nancy Canwell's friend asked this question, and he found the answer.
Where Did Life Come From?
Several theories have been suggested for where life on our planet originated. Clifford Goldstein examines one of these and compares it with the Bible's account.
Two Creation Stories or One?
The Bible's account of how the world was created may seem contradictory, but Randall Younker explains why it isn't.
How Old Is the Earth?
Science says that life has existed on the earth for millions of years. However, Ariel Roth points out significant evidence in support of a much shorter time frame.
Suppose You Found a Watch
Where did Life on our planet originate? This is one of the key debates between science and religion.
Smart Genes: Did God Create Life?
From an examination of the genetic evidence, life is too complex to have arisen by chance.
In the Beginning . . .
Stories about origins matter.
Darwinism: What About the Science?
Charles Darwin published his famous book, The Origin of the Species, in November 1859. Biologist Timothy Standish reflects on the state of Darwinism 150 years later.
Darwinism: What About the Science?
Science today is much different from science in Darwin’s day.