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When You’re Hurt by the Church
It happens all the time. So how do you deal with it?
Why I Like Church
Many people ask, Why go to church? I can worship God at home. Bert Williams says that there's an important value in church attendance.
God's Wonderful Family
How should Christians treat those who are different? How should we treat those who don't believe as we do?
At Home With My Family
The vital warmth of a church community
Why Organized Religion?
Sometimes it's hard to get along with others. But we need each other.
God's Family
There's a song titled "The Family of God." Loren Seibold explains who that family is and how they usually get along just fine—but sometimes they don't.
The Beginner's Guide to Church
Many of us do not go to church. Some of us have never been. This article talks about what to expect and how to prepare.
Busy as a Bee
Bees are busy little creatures and highly organized. Bees can teach us some lessons that can help us in our service for others.
Jesus Went to Church
He didn’t let the hypocrites stop Him.
The Church Restored
The future is bright!
You Don’t Need to Be a Clone
A vision of true unity
How to Deal With Church Conflict
It may seem impossible, but there are solutions.
Community, Connection, Church
As levels of loneliness climb to epidemic levels, is it time to take a second look at an ancient institution? Together, we can heal.
Our Own Noah’s Ark
It isn’t a boat. It’s a place.
Why Bother With Church?
Are churches ever perfect?
Why Organized Religion?
Isn’t church just made up of a bunch of hypocrites?
Why Go to Church?
Nancy Canwell makes a case for organized religion, which, it turns out, really is good for you.
So, You’re Church Shopping
Don’t be blinded by the glitter.
Where to Find Grace
In numerous areas of life we are rewarded for our accomplishments. But that's not true of church.
How to Choose a Church
If you’ve been looking around for a church or denomination to join, Arnold Wheeler has some suggestions on how to make an informed choice.
Spiritual but Not Religious?
Can we be one without being the other? And do we have to choose between them?
Why Would I Need a Church?
Church is important. Here's why.
In All Things, Charity
Why are there so many different kinds of Christians today, and what does this mean for the world? Loren Seibold responds.
Hurt by the Church
Sometimes members say things that cause others pain.