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The Real Reason for the Season
They say that Jesus is the reason for the season—but is there also another reason?
The Scandal of Christmas
We all enjoy the Christmas season, but James Berglund points out that not everyone was pleased at the time the story unfolded.
Peace on Earth?
The night Jesus was born, a choir of angels proclaimed "peace on earth" to the shepherds. But Ed Dickerson asks, Why hasn't it happened? Or has it?
What Jesus' Birth Means to You
Jesus' birth wasn't always the most important thing about Christmas for Nancy Canwell. But it is today!
Born to Be a King
Looking at Him, you would never have guessed who He really was. The author reflects on Jesus' birth 2,000 years ago.
My Best Christmas Ever
Our adult children sometimes have to choose between two homes to visit at Christmas time. Linda LaRoque tells what she did when it wasn’t her turn.
Mary's Story
She was a young Jewish girl. Probably a teenager. A nobody in her day. But this story shows how her life then has profound implications for our life today.
Which Way Does Christmas Point?
We typically think of Christmas as a time to look back, but the author found it also to be a time to look forward.
Miracle of the Pink Christmas Tree
Jim Berglund and his family discovered again that God really does care for us, even in the hard times of life.
Who's in the White Corner?
Should we or should we not celebrate Christmas? What do history, tradition, and the Bible tell us?
Gifts That Show You Care
One of the most common Christmas traditions is exchanging gifts. Victor Parachin tells about gifts that people will appreciate even more than gifts.
God With Us!
Whatever your circumstances at Christmastime, God is with you.