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Give God the Broom
Housecleaning is about more than sweeping the floor.
How to Deal With the Fear of Terrorism
We're horrified at the senseless terrorist attacks that can cause us to feel afraid, even from a distance. Loren Seibold shows us how to conquer that fear.
Growing in Chirst
Would you like to have a deeper Christian experience? Nancy Canwell suggests four ways to cultivate your relationship with God.
I Just Can’t Help It—Or Can I?
The power of choice is one of God’s great gifts to humans.
Using Guilt to Improve Your Life
Guilt is a God-given emotion, but it's easily misused. Freelance writer Victor Parachin shares some wise advice on how to deal with it when it's misplaced.
How to Keep Living When Life Gets Hard
Let difficult circumstances make you a better person!
How to Live Guilt Free
Guilt isn't all bad. It's a blinking red light on the dashboard of your life, warning you to get right with God.
I Want More Peace in My Life
Are you stressed much of the time? There’s a way to reduce stress and increase happiness.
God’s Soul Cleanser

The Transforming Power of Graciousness
Judy Hammersmark shares some thoughts about what it means to be gracious and how you can incorporate that quality into your own life.
Toxic Faith, Healing Faith
God asks us to trust Him, believe in Him, have faith in Him. Unfortunately, some people get it wrong.
How to Be a Happy Christian
You don’t have to feel afraid or guilty!
Must Your Computer Be Converted?
Computers can enhance our spirituality—or they can corrupt it.
While I'm Waiting
Tammy Darling reflects on the valuable lessons she's learned as she waits for a cherished desire to be fulfilled.
Is That You, God?
How to hear His voice
Where Is God When Life Hurts?
For the unbeliever, suffering is the greatest impediment to belief.
Two Kinds of Anger
It’s easy to think that all anger is bad, but there is a good kind.
Silence: God’s Voice
When God seems silent, listen for His voice.
When God Spoke to Me
What does it mean to “hear” God’s voice? How does He “talk” to us? Amy Joy Hess asked those questions and came up with some helpful answers.
Forgive to Live
Don’t allow the bitterness of resentment cut your life short.
What Is Spirituality?
A primer in practical faith
How Jesus Handled Temptation
The Bible says that Jesus never sinned. Teresa Reeve tells how He dealt with temptation, because His example can help us to deal with our temptations.
An Anxious Mind
For those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks—there’s hope!
Lessons From a GPS
Reflecting on the Global Positioning System in her friend’s car, Sandra Doran came up with several analogies to the Christian life.
Where's My Miracle?
Why would God choose to heal one person and not another?
Relating to Muslims
Christians can’t hate others and at the same time love god and each other.
How to Be a Happy Christian
From time to time, everyone feels depressed afraid, or filled with guilt. Loren Seibold explains how you can be a happy Christian.
Hug Your Doubts
Christians typically think that it's wrong to doubt. But some forms of doubt can help us grow in our Christian lives.
Why Guilt Is Good
Guilt can actually help us to feel better in the long run.
How to Get Along With Someone You Don't Like
We all have to deal with difficult people from time to time. How do we do that?
Deceived by the Antichrist?
How to avoid it
How to Deal With Depression
Marvin Moore says he's struggled with depression much of his life, and he shares some ways he's learned to deal with it
Christian Behavior
What does it mean to be a Christian?
4 Secrets of Happiness
Are you drowning in misery or punishing yourself with guilt? Pat Humphrey suggests four ways you can turn that around.
10 Ways to Steal
We may think we’re totally honest, unaware of how we break the eighth commandment.