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New Signs: Readers Respond

Regular readers of Signs of the Times® will know that we recently made a major change to the magazine format. Beginning with the January edition, it’s about half its previous size. (It also has twice as many pages, so, you aren’t missing anything.) We wondered, though, what readers would think, and now we have some idea: responses are running about 80 percent favorable. Following are a few.

I love it! I love it! I love it! Perfect size! Excellent paper! And you’ve put Dr. John Rosemond’s picture back in. His is the first article I read. More people will read this new size too. Thank you so much!

—Bonnie Troedel, Veneta, Oregon

I’ve been getting your magazine for years, but putting the magazine in this new format was an excellent idea! It’s great! I love it even more.

—Jill A., Vancouver, Washington

The new size for Signs is perfect. I like the new layout with articles set up to read straight through. I hated getting into the middle of an article and then having to forward elsewhere. Reading the magazine has been made much easier.

—Janet Kahler, Auburn, Washington

In your editorial you asked for comments on the new Signs. I love it! Not only the size and layout but the style. I especially like the article leaders, which introduce the author and give a clue to the subject. Congratulations!

—Carol Mayes, Chatsworth, California

Just a note to tell you that I think the new Signs is awesome! The texture of the paper is good, the whole design is beautiful. I love it! It is the right size to fit in my purse, and I can take it wherever I go.

Cora Jimeno, Mililani, Hawaii

Signs of the Times® . . . ya’ll are the greatest! Thanks for the new size! Easier to carry. U brains are wonderful. Ha! Blessings to each of you for 2007!

—Connie Hickman, Blue Springs, Missouri

Congratulations to the Signs staff for the excellent update of the magazine. The Reader’s Digest size makes it much more user friendly.

—Frank Walker, Mountain Home, Arkansas

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by Readers
From the March 2007 Signs  

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