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9 Amazing Facts About Jesus' Second Coming

Why is Jesus coming again? Who will be with Him? What will happen to the righteous, the wicked? Doug Batchelor answers these and similar questions.

November 2004

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Messy and Jealous: What Can We Do?
Parenting by the Book - Regular Column

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The Destructive Power of Shame
Shaming others for their words, their looks, their performance, is very abusive. Carol Cannon tells how to avoid giving these shaming messages.
The Wonderful Possibilities in Failure
Everyone feels like a failure now and then, and sometimes we do fail. Victor Parachin shares six ways you can turn your failures into successes.
Beyond Forgiveness
Have you ever felt you might have committed the unpardonable sin, putting you "beyond forgiveness"? Don't miss Loren Seibold's response to that fear!
Why Jerusalem Is Important to Three Religions
Jews, Muslims, and Christians each have a stake in the world's most coveted real estate. Is there a solution to the conflict? Read Ed Dickerson's analysis.
Saved by a Cow
Twelve biologists and one guide hadn't a clue where they were in the vast Amazon jungle. Floyd Murdoch was there—and he tells about their unusual rescue!
You Can Make a Difference
Anya Bateman discovered that media executives really do pay attention to letters and phone calls protesting unacceptable programming.
Why Baptism Matters
Is baptism important? "Yes!" says Lee Dunstan, the senior assistant editor of the Australian Signs of the Times. And he explains why.
The Boy Who Died and Lived Again
The boy's tumor was deadly-and Dr. Manuel Tornilla knew that the relationship betweenMuslims and Christians was as much as issue as the healing of his patient.

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