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Teens Managing Money
In this affluent society, kids may take their money for granted.
What the Bible Says About Money
When the heart is converted, the purse is inverted.
The Gift of Giving
The first-century Christians demonstrated generosity.
Earth’s Stewards
We will be held accountable for how we treat our beautiful, blue planet.
Ten Reasons Why I’m Glad I’ve Been Poor
Sandra Doran reflects on the blessings she’s received from the financial ups and downs of a life filled with service.
Open Windows
Are you curious about the meaning of the Christian tradition of tithing?
Less Debt, More Joy
Does the Christmas season leave you depressed over credit card debts you'll be paying off during the next 12 months? Gordon Botting suggests ways to deal with this problem.
Is Debt Consolidation the Answer?
Are you swamped with debt? Paul Clitheroe suggests a solution that can help to set you free.
Are You Ready for Financial Har-money
Finances are very divisive issues in some families. Gordon Botting suggests ways to avoid these problems.
The Generosity Factor
Bruce Manners has discovered that big-hearted people are not intimidated into stinginess by economic hard times.