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Food Matters: Why You Should Eat Slowly

Food Matters: Losing Weight Permanently

Food Matters: Getting Gluten-Free Fiber

Food Matters: Super Sprouts

Good, Better, Best
Charles Mills discusses several way you can improve your diet and dramatically affect your well-being and your longevity.
Food Matters: Fancy a Fruit Juice?

Food Matters: Soy for Healthy Bones

Food Matters: Alcohol Advice Revisited

Food Matters: Boost Your Beans

Food Matters: Should You Add Salt?

Food Matters: Can Nonstick Cookware Be Toxic?

Food Matters: The Antiasthma Diet

Food Matters: Foraging for Fiber

Food Matters: Making Sense of Dairy-Free

Food Matters: Cinnamon: Culinary Spice or Medicine?

Food Matters: Demystifying Tofu

The Basics of Vegetarianism
Thinking of starting on a meat-free diet but not sure how? Take a look at these steps.
Food Matters: Banish Fussy Eating
Does your child reject food, especially vegetables? Does he or she get easily distracted or refuse to sit at the table while eating? Don't get worried—get motivated!
Food Matters: Mind Your Portions

Food Matters: Why You Should Reduce the AGEs in Your Food

Food Matters: The Snack Attack

Food Matters: Teen Health and Acne

Overcome Dieting Pitfalls
Eating right has numerous enemies. This article reveals four pitfalls that derail healthy diets.
Food Matters: How to Get Kids to Eat More Fruit

Food Matters: Going Raw

Food Matters: Shaking Your Salt Habit

Food Matters: Living Well With PCOS

Food Matters
Hot Winter Breakfasts
Food Matters: Dieting Dos and Don'ts

Food Matters: Getting Enough Vitamin B12

Food Matters: Wild About Walnuts

Food Matters: Fats—The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Food Matters: The Health Benefits of Cherries

Food Matters: Need to Boost Fluids

Food Matters: Add Some Almonds

Food Matters: Smart Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Food Matters: Why Should You Visit a Dietician?

Food Matters: Detox Your Cookware

Food Matters: Trust Turmeric

Food Matters: Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Living With Children: The Underachieving Teen

Food Matters: How to Fix a Fatty Liver
A fatty liver can arrive like a stealth bomber —without warning pains or nausea to alert you. It has the potential to progress to a more serious chronic liver disease such as cirrhosis, unless you take significant lifestyle caution.
Food Matters: Problems With Going Paleo

Does God Care What We Eat?
What's on the menu when God fixes the meal? The answer may surprise you.

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