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Other planets in the universe

The article “Death, and Then What?” (March 2007) included a sidebar titled, “Who’s In Heaven Today?” One of the sections of this piece is about Enoch, and it concludes with the sentence, “If Enoch did not experience death, then he is still alive, either in heaven or perhaps on a planet in some other part of the universe.” What is the biblical basis for stating that Enoch might be on a planet in some other part of the universe?

Editor’s response: There is no biblical reference for this statement. You will notice that we said that Enoch is “perhaps on a planet in some other part of the universe.” The word perhaps makes it clear that we were speculating. Speculation in regard to a question that isn’t addressed in the Bible is appropriate so long as we make it clear that that’s what we’re doing.

What is an idol?

I read with interest your article regarding the second commandment’s prohibition of idolatry (“You Shall Not Make for Yourself an Idol,” March 2007). However, I found the premise of the article flawed. You are confusing idolatry with covetousness, which is well covered by the tenth commandment. While you spoke extensively about how we idolize (covet) famous people, lavish places, and expensive things, the fundamental issue of the second commandment is not about coveting. It is about worship.

—Kevin Beauchamp, Apopka, Florida

Editor’s response: The commandment forbids the making and worship of idols, so technically you are correct. However, the Ten Commandments summarize broad principles for our relationship with God and other people. Thus, anything that is more important in our lives than God becomes for us an object of worship and is therefore an idol.

What time is it in heaven?

In your January Letters department you stated that heaven is a place in space and time. Heaven is in the presence of God, who is not confined by time and space. If heaven is “in time,” what time is it in?

—Art DePalma, Ellensburg, Washington

Editor’s response: While God is not subject to our space-time limitations, heaven’s angels no doubt are. However, they surely do not follow our system of time keeping, which is based on earth’s orbit and its rotation.

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