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Reflections on Armageddon

I found Alan Reinach's article “The Last War: Armageddon and the Middle East Crisis" (February 2007) to be very helpful. I was especially glad to learn of the two important indicators that will help me know when the true Armageddon comes: First, the nations will not be fighting each other; they will be fighting against Jesus Christ at His appearing; and second, Armageddon will be followed immediately by the seventh plague, when all creation will in turmoil. Thus, any time life continues "as usual" after a serious battle, that battle is not Armageddon. I am intrigued by this subject and hope there will be similar articles in the future—near future if possible. One important feature I hope will be addressed is: how can I be prepared for this?

—Evelyn Griffin, Smithsburg, Maryland

Imagine heaven!

I'd like to thank Ken McFarland for his well written article, "Imagine Heaven" (December 2006).1 found a wrinkled copy of Signs of the Times® blowing across my church property, so l picked it up. My youngest sister was killed in a car accident seven years ago. We have watched all of her children grow up and thrive. We look forward to a beautiful reunion and especially being able to see His face.

—Name withheld by request

My wife and I really enjoyed Ken McFarland's article on heaven. We've owned a number of RV's and traveled the North American continent extensively. We've met unfriendly people and friendly people, but we have never met anyone, even of the friendly folks, who invited us into their home to spend the night. When I think of heaven, I think of stopping at a dwelling and the residents inviting us in for supper and showing us to a room where we are invited to stay for the night. There will be no need for hotels and motels in the new earth. Everyone can be trusted, and everyone will be family. It will be simply wonderful beyond words!

—Merlin E. Lafferty, Sebring, Florida

Does prayer change God?

Regarding Dan Smith's article, "Why Should I Pray?" (November 2006), how arrogant it is to believe that God will change the course of events in the supplicant's favor. Prayer, if it changes anything at all, will only change the human factor in the equation.

—Kwing Y. Wat, Monterey Park, California

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